Rosh Hashanah 5781

Erev Rosh Hashana - Friday September 18


6:30 AM Indoors in the PZ Main Sanctuary

7:00 AM at Hillel Academy Tents

1st Night of Rosh Hashanah - Friday September 18

Hataras Nedarim (Hillel Academy Tents) 7:05 PM

Candlelighting 7:04 PM

Mincha/Maariv (PZ and Hillel Tents) 7:15 PM - open to all


1st Day of Rosh Hashanah - Shabbos September 19

Shacharis/Musaf by Preregistration Only

"Shofar on Shabbos" Shiur by Rabbi Yolkut at Hillel Tents 6-6:45 PM

Mincha/Maariv (PZ and Hillel Tents) 7:05 PM

Candle lighting, Kiddush and Preparation for the Second Day after 8:10 PM


2nd Day of Rosh Hashana - SUNDAY September 20

Shacharis/Musaf by Preregistration Only

Outdoor Shofar Blowing at PZ Tents 3:45 PM

Outdoor family program (parents and children until age 12) at Hillel Academy Basketball Court Tents, including 4:50 shofar- 4:30 PM

5:30 Outdoor Shofar Blowing at Hillel Academy Tents

Mincha/Maariv (PZ and Hillel Tents) 7:10 PM- open to all

Following Mincha, Rabbi Yisroel Pfeffer will speak in the PZ main sanctuary -”Confessions of a Translator”

Following Mincha, Rabbi Yolkut will speak in the PZ tents on “Insights into Avinu Malkeinu”

Yom Tov ends 8:09 PM



A brief note on minyanim:

Please be reminded that seating is first-come, first-served in the designated seats, and there is a small possibility that we may have to turn people away at the door. 


Please feel free to attend any minyan in the shul--- and if you are comfortable attending shul, please make the effort to support our minyanim. 


Everyone must be masked while in the shul or in the outdoor minyan, and sit in any of the designated, socially distanced seats in the main sanctuary. 



Weekday Minyanim


Monday (Tzom Gedaliah) 6:55 PM T-TH 7 PM 

We will be reciting Selichos immediately after Shacharis this week.

Shacharis M-F 6:40 AM

Tzom Gedaliah - Monday September 21

Fast begins at 5:54 AM

Fast ends at 7:57 PM

Pregnant and nursing women should not fast. Anyone with any health concerns regarding fasting should contact Rabbi Yolkut.

One can get up early and eat before the fast.

It is appropriate to give extra tzedakah on a fast day


Sunrise S 6:17 AM and one minute later each day of the week

Shma S -T 10:09 AM W-F 10:10 Shacharis S-F 11:10AM

Mincha between1:44 PM and Sunset 

Sunset S 7 :19 M:7:17 T 7:15 W 7:14T H 712

Maariv can be recited after sunset, but if possible after 40 minutes from sunset (or repeat Shma). 



6318 Phillips Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217