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PZ 5781 Israel Learning Mission, October 29-November 7, 2020. Join Rabbi Yolkut and an incredible group of PZ members for a Shabbat in Jerusalem, followed by a week in the Galil, culminating in a Shabbat in Tzfat! Daily Shiurim by Rabbi Yolkut, focusing on "From The Mishna to the Ari: Uncovering the Deep Roots of Halacha, Kabbalah and Minhag in the Galil," brought to life by on-site exploration with our guide, Rabbi Alan Haber!


Email Judy Mendelson for more information. $2,450 for PZ members; $2,900 for non-members; $690 additional for single occupancy. Airfare not included.



6318 Phillips Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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